United Press International, USA’s leading news portal, increased its AMP ads revenue by 128%


UPI.com is a US-based news portal providing real-time coverage of national and international news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more. Founded by E.W. Scripps in 1907, UPI has established itself as a credible source of information for millions of readers worldwide. With 8.19 million monthly page views, the website is renowned for its fast, accurate, and unbiased coverage.

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    8.19 Million

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Goals & Challenges

Despite having over 8 million monthly visitors to their website, UPI noticed the revenue generated from their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) traffic was meager. The team felt that their AMP traffic was highly under-monetized and wanted an efficient AMP ads monetization solution to unlock the website’s true potential. In short, UPI wanted to increase ad revenue and improve ad viewability without comprising the user experience.

Effectively implementing new technological capabilities requires expertise, policy compliance, and the right support. That’s where UPI felt the need to collaborate with a monetization partner who could scale things up for improved experience and financial outcomes. The team experimented with a couple of partners for a short while. However, looking at their inefficient performance, UPI decided to find someone else. And that’s when Franco and his team discovered AdPushup.

With this partnership, UPI had 3 key objectives:

  • Increase ad revenue
  • Improve ad viewability
  • Minimal impact on the user experience


Solution Deployment:


After a thorough analysis of its product portfolio, expertise, and reputation, UPI decided to partner with AdPushup. The conversations with AdPushup brought the team greater trust and assurance, and the collaboration came into existence.

AdPushup conducted a thorough analysis of the AMP advertising stack. To help UPI maximize monetization output from mobile devices, the AdPushup team implemented an advanced AMP solution with cutting-edge features such as Client Side Header Bidding and Sticky Ads, without any adverse effect on page speed or user experience. AdPushup’s integration for UPI.com was quickly set up and started running smoothly on the entire website within a week.

Implementing AdPushup’s AMP ads solution on the site had an immediate impact – the website’s AMP ads revenue jumped significantly, allowing the publisher to confidently scale their traffic. A dedicated account manager, one of Adpushup’s most lauded offerings, was appointed to explore more ways to optimize monetization.

Based on this research, the AdPushup team also went live with two more solutions.


Header Bidding:


AdPushup offered a hybrid Header Bidding solution using Prebid which opened a vast pool of premium demand partners that led to greater competition and improved bid quality. AdPushup ensured that the right demand partners were bidding on the inventory, resulting in a considerable rise in both eCPMs and Header Bidding revenue.


Ad Refresh:


To leverage the high time-on-site/session duration, the ad ops team implemented ActiveView Refresh ads to increase the number of ad impressions per session. The system automatically shows a new set of ads based on time triggers and user engagement. The ad-reloading solution increases the number of ad impressions served per session while accounting for served per session, as well as for ad viewability and user engagement signals on the page (click, scroll, etc.).




With all the aforementioned optimizations, the AdPushup team helped UPI record over a 128.65% increase in AMP ads revenue and a 33% higher eCPM within 30 days. The deployment of AdPushup’s AMP solution showed positive results, helping UPI achieve its intended goals.

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    Increase ad revenue
    Improve ad viewability
    Minimal impact on the user experience

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    The AMP traffic was highly under-monetized
    The user experience was the top-most priority

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    Deployment of AMP ads setup offered Hybrid Header Bidding through Prebid and Active View Ad Refresh.

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    A 33% higher eCPM and a 128.65% increase in AMP ads revenue within just 30 days of deployment

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