How IndiaCarNews Grew its Page RPM by 25% with AdPushup’s Layout Optimization

After integrating with AdPushup, we definitely saw an upward trend in our ad revenue—all thanks to their highly competent platform and a committed team


IndiaCarNews Team is a leading automobile blog, featuring the latest automobile launches, reviews, purchase suggestions, model comparisons, inside-scoops, and FAQs from experienced journalists. With great content and a clean, user-friendly design, the blog has amassed over 6 million average monthly pageviews over the course of a year.

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Goals & Challenges

IndiaCarNews had previously been approached by several Google AdSense Publishing Partners. But founding editor Vikas Yogi wasn’t impressed. “Their idea was to manually try different ads across different locations which, frankly, we could do on our own.” This was when AdPushup reached out to Vikas and his team with its ad revenue optimization platform.

AdPushup is an automated testing tool powered by a machine-learning algorithm. It optimizes revenue while accounting for ever-changing online user behavior during content consumption. With multiple content formats and hundreds of thousands of loyal readers, user experience was paramount for IndiaCarNews. Vikas and his team signed up with AdPushup to work on maximizing their revenue potential without modifying the blog’s design or compromising its UX.

After integrating with AdPushup, we definitely saw an upward trend in our ad revenue—all thanks to their highly competent platform and a committed team


IndiaCarNews Team

Solution Deployment

AdPushup ensured a seamless integration and provided IndiaCarNews with a dedicated ad-ops team (a Technical Engineer, a Customer Success Specialist, and an Operations Manager) to oversee the implementation of new ad units, evaluation, testing, and optimization. Vikas notes, “The whole process took no more than two hours.” Rijul Sharma, the Customer Success Specialist at AdPushup, says, “Once the integration was done and we set the baseline, we discovered the core issue. IndiaCarNews, with its fairly good traffic and user experience, had a decent enough CTR; but their RPM was suffering because of relatively low CPC.” The team configured AdPushup’s intelligent continuous optimization engine to optimize the CTR and RPM in real-time. The system uses multi-armed bandit algorithms and learns from on-site page-level scanning, Google AdSense data, and a self-served repository of over 3 billion ad impressions to optimize revenue in real-time.

But the user experience on the website was never compromised. “IndiaCarNews is a high volume traffic site with multiple content formats that are popular with different audience segments at varying degrees,” says Rijul. AdPushup’s ‘In-Content Auto Analysis’ module—a patent-pending technology which understands content formats and automatically creates ad placements within the content without disrupting visual flow—played a key role in balancing UX and monetization.


Within four months of integrating with AdPushup, IndiaCarNews has already witnessed a 25% increase in Page RPM and a 12% increase in Page CTR. Additionally, IndiaCarNews became one of the first sites to implement AdPushup’s APEX model—an advanced site-wide page-level testing model which adjusts traffic in real-time to active ad variants based on their performance to consistently ensure increased revenue. AdPushup’s continuous optimization and APEX implementation also solved ad latency issues: resulting in improved ad viewability (8% increase in ActiveView viewable impressions) and perceived value of ad inventory. But as mentioned earlier, the optimization was never carried out if it endangered the user experience. “We found what works for us with our audience at any given point in time,” says Vikas.

“The platform displays ads based on a user’s on-site behavior, which will always keep changing. So the ads keep changing to maximize revenue, without being displayed to visitors unnecessarily.” As AdPushup continues to optimize its revenue, the IndiaCarNews team is now able to direct its resources on increasing the reach of its website and localizing the website for multilingual Indian society. Vikas says, “In the next two years, we want to achieve 25M page views per month and launch two regional editions of the website.”

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    Increase Ad revenue without compromising user experience

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    RPM suffered because of relatively low CPC


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    Configured optimization engine to optimize the CTR and RPM in real-time

    In-Content Auto Analysis module balanced UX and monetization

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    25% increase in Page RPM within 4 months

    12% increase in Page CTR within 4 months

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