How AdPushup Helped RentLingo Double its CTR Using Continuous Layout Optimization

Just like any business owner, we’re looking for additional ways to grow our revenue. If we hadn’t worked with AdPushup, we would have been leaving money on the table.


RentLingo Team

RentLingo is an apartment search site that provides its users with premium content on property listings and reviews. What differentiates them from market competitors is their proprietary ‘Noise Index’ and ‘Charm Index’ which show both how noisy and desirable a location is.

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The Challenges

Unlike most of our customers, RentLingo wasn’t looking to increase their display ads revenue specifically. But as a business they are on the constant lookout for ways to get the most ROI from their revenue sources (of which display ads revenue has a sizable role). Dan found us on ProductHunt and our value proposition made sense to him. It also translated into an opportunity to generate extra revenue which could then be used to invest in paid advertising and expand RentLingo’s operations.

“Revenue is the lifeblood of any business. Growing revenue without materially changing any other aspect of the business is always huge and just grows the bottom line,” says Dan. But it was important to them that if they were going to try display ad optimization, it should not be at the cost of modifying their website’s design or compromising on user experience.

Just like any business owner, we’re looking for additional ways to grow our revenue. If we hadn’t worked with AdPushup, we would have been leaving money on the table.


RentLingo Team

Solution Deployment

It did not take long for Dan to integrate AdPushup with RentLingo. After porting their original Google AdSense ad codes into AdPushup control ad units and specifying the ad locations on RentLingo’s page-groups1 using the point-and-select mechanism of AdPushup’s unique visual Ad manager—they were good to go. Our optimization platform then automatically started running advanced A/B testing2 with various Ad sizes and types and collecting performance data based on the layout created.

AdPushup also takes into account website visitors’ interaction (clicked on an ad vs. did not click on an ad) data which enables it to consistently come up with the best possible Ad placements without changing the website’s design layout and therefore, without disrupting the user experience. All of this happens in real-time and continuously because user behaviors can and do change after a period of time and are susceptible to developing banner blindness.

AdPushup’s algorithm keeps up with this change so that no matter whether Dan and his team were sleeping or out on a holiday or busy achieving RentLingo’s business goals; they needn’t worry about spending time and resources on optimizing their display ads for increased revenue.


Using our technology, RentLingo witnessed a 64.66% increase in AdSense Page RPM and a 115.3% increase in AdSense Page CTR. AdPushup was able to repeat its success by increasing RentLingo’s ad revenue without modifying its website’s design or affecting user experience and by helping Dan and his team concentrate their time and resources on aggressive paid marketing; thereby further strengthening RentLingo’s already incredible presence.

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    Looking at additional ways to grow revenue

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    Display ad optimization without modifying their website’s design

    No compromise on user experience

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    Optimization platform ran advanced A/B testing with various ad sizes

    Came up with the best possible display ad placements for increased revenue

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    64.66% increase in AdSense Page RPM 

    115.3% increase in AdSense Page CTR

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