, the largest database for IMEI checks and TAC numbers, increased its overall ad revenue by 25% using FrameRate, AdPushup’s powerful instream video ads solution.


The IMEI.Info is the largest database with TAC numbers all over the world, developed by people who are passionate about mobile phones and numbers. Their activity goes beyond just designing websites; they also offer their expert opinions and many other services related to mobile phones.

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  • Industry

    Computers Electronics

  • Monthly Page Views

    12 Million +

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Goals & Challenges places a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional user experience while also looking for opportunities to increase revenue.

The team was focused to maximize revenue while keeping the number of ads to a bare minimum. The team explored various solutions before they landed on Adpushup’s website.

The team sought a full-stack video monetization solution that could add value to the site with engaging content and increase revenue through higher eCPMs to justify the value of their inventory. Their goal was to achieve all of this without compromising the user experience.

That’s where Adpushup’s FrameRate came in, a powerful full-stack video monetization solution that comes with a lightweight video player, an AI-powered floor engine, highly engaging video content, and much more.


With this partnership, had 3 key objectives:

  • Increase ad revenue
  • Minimal impact on the user experience
  • Timely assistance and query resolution


Solution Deployment:


AdPushup’s impressive technology portfolio gave the team confidence in achieving growth, and the partnership began. The AdPushup team understood the goals and challenges of []( and deployed its advanced video solution on the site.

The team aimed to achieve high eCPMs through the custom logic and dynamic floor engine to maximize revenue for each impression served by the player. They also worked on optimizing the video player placement to ensure that it would not be intrusive to the viewers’ experience. With the help of AdPushup’s advanced technology and expertise, was able to increase its revenue and expand its reach to new audiences.


Results: achieved a remarkable 25% increase in overall ad revenue by using AdPushup’s robust full-stack video monetization solution.

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    Increase ad revenue
    Minimal impact on the user experience
    Timely assistance and query resolution

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    The website was highly under-monetized
    The user experience was the top-most priority

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    Deployment of advanced video monetisation solution with highly engaging video content to boost engagement.

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    We recorded 25% increase in overall ad revenue

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