How AdPushup enabled effective Ad monetization and quality content for The Hacker News

It has been great to work with AdPushup. Given that our fundamental priority remains quality tech content and information sharing with users, the AdPushup team has managed our ad stack well. Technology has always appealed to us and it is great to see that AdPushup’s tech vision and cutting-edge capabilities are taking good care of our ad monetization plans. We look forward to growing further, with AdPushup’s support.

Mohit Kumar,

MD & CEO, The Hacker News


The Hacker News (THN) is a leading, trusted, and widely recognized cybersecurity news platform that caters to over 8 million readers monthly, including IT professionals, researchers, hackers, and several tech enthusiasts. The Hacker News, offers the latest cybersecurity updates and in-depth reports on current and future Infosec trends and the ever-evolving cyber world.

In 2010, THN was founded as a dedicated cybersecurity and hacking news platform to educate people on accurate and effective usage of the internet within safety premises. Over the years, the site has become one of the most prominent channels for information
security, working as a bridge between a wide range of communities, including leading security researchers, geeks, techies, businesses, CISOs, and thousands of security professionals.

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Goals & Challenges

Offering quality content and information

As a seasoned player in the tech space, Hacker News always wanted to offer quality technology content and updates to its audience.
While the initial idea of launching this platform started as blogging, the vision was always about delivering value and a good experience to website visitors. With the passage of time, ideas of trying new ways and approaches to achieve greater business output gradually evolved.

Exploring new technology and capabilities

With the AdTech space evolving at a rapid pace and several publishers and bloggers looking at new capabilities for better business
outcomes, The Hacker News team wanted to explore Header Bidding which was quite a buzzword in the ad monetization world. And like THN, there were several other bloggers too who were trying it out.

However, effectively implementing new technological capabilities, requires expertise, skills, and the right kind of support. That’s where
the team felt the need to collaborate with a monetization partner, and scale things up for improved experience and financial outcomes.

Difficulties with AdSense

While AdSense initially was useful to start with, offering decent revenue and useful features, certain aspects of AdSense ended up causing problems for the team. Instances such as blogging websites getting banned 8 to 10 times without any appropriate assistance or resolution, was one such. And getting a new account on AdSense was never an easy task. In addition, the fact that AdSense revenue increases only on the basis of traffic attracted through fresh content posted as frequently as daily, was not something that was suiting the team’s need. And despite high traffic on certain days irrespective of content freshness, AdSense revenue would continue to remain stagnant. It was clear that this revenue over which Google had control, would not have much likelihood of significant improvement.

Limitations of other partners

The team had tried leveraging certain ad networks and partners, however, the quality of ads being offered was not up to the mark resulting in a negative impact to the reputation of the website and User Experience. The ads were not contextual; meaning, the ads offered were not in alignment with the website content. In addition, the access to rich advertisers and the eventual ad-serving output were not as per expectation.

Such challenges further solidified the need to join hands with a monetization partner that would help with ad monetization plans without any damage to website content quality or User Experience. The team had made it clear that their fundamental goal was to offer quality tech content to users and the ad partner would simultaneously help with ad website monetization.

It has been great to work with AdPushup. Given that our fundamental priority remains quality tech content and information sharing with users, the AdPushup team has managed our ad stack well. Technology has always appealed to us and it is great to see that AdPushup’s tech vision and cutting-edge capabilities are taking good care of our ad monetization plans. We look forward to growing further, with AdPushup’s support.

Mohit Kumar,

MD & CEO, The Hacker News

Solution Deployment

To turn their monetization plans into action, the team experimented with a couple of partners for a short while. However, looking at their inefficient performance, the team decided to find someone else.

Enter AdPushup!

Having thoroughly reviewed its product portfolio, expertise, and reputation, the team decided to join hands with AdPushup. The conversations with AdPushup brought the team greater trust and assurance, and the collaboration kicked off. The AdPushup team understood and valued the THN team’s vision for quality content, and accordingly put their ideas forward.

With limited ad units on which to experiment, the AdPushup team offered the following solutions, helping THN on a lot of fronts.

*Header Bidding:

• AdPushup offered a beneficial Header Bidding solution, unlocking an extensive pool of
premium demand partners. That led to greater competition and improved bid quality.

• AdPushup ensured that the right demand partners were bidding on the inventory, resulting
in both eCPMs and Header Bidding revenue showing a considerable rise.

*Ad Refresh:
To cash in on the high amounts of time spent by website visitors, AdPushup configured ActiveView Refresh Ads across all ad units; an ad-reloading solution that increases the number of ad impressions served per session while accounting for served per session, as well as for ad viewability and user engagement signals on the page (click, scroll, etc.)

*Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): 

To help the team maximize monetization output from mobile devices, the AdPushup team implemented an advanced AMP solution with cutting-edge features such as Client Side Header Bidding and Sticky Ads, without any adverse effect on page speed or User Experience. This contributed to the overall ad revenue being further improved.

*AdX Capabilities : 

AdX is a market place that lets several premium buyers and sellers interact, resulting in successful deals. Given that it is normally tricky for publishers access the exclusive benefits of AdX, having a partner that offers premium services helps to more effectively meet publisher requirements.

As a Google Certified Partner, AdPushup offered:

  •  Additional AdX demand that brought buyers from several other ad networks including Google Display Networks, enabling the best possible usage of THN’s website inventory.
  • A useful impressions-based revenue model instead of clicks (which are harder to achieve), eventually bringing higher yields.


With the implementation of Header Bidding, Ad Refresh, AMP, and
AdX Capabilities the team achieved:

  • A revenue rise of 384%
  • An impression rise of 295%
  • A RPM (Revenue Per Mille) rise of 295%
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    Recurring Growth in Ad Revenue

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    Traffic not fully utilized owing to content filtering extensions

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    Deployment of Ad Recovery Integrating Ad Refresh solution with PnP solution

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    22% of’s traffic monetized through Ad Recovery

    659.64% rise in traffic and 665.29% rise in revenue in December

Customer Experience

The THN team has had a positive experience working with AdPushup. Looking at the performance so far, the THN team believes that it was a good decision to onboard AdPushup. In particular, THN has been highly impressed with AdPushup’s technological capabilities and the speed at which new upgrades and integrations were implemented.

During the collaboration, the THN team did speak to certain experts, to get a better understanding of modern-day digital advertising technologies and their usage for business. And then to their surprise, the team found out that AdPushup was already implementing those on THN’s website and ad stack, to refine monetization output.

In addition, THN found even greater assurance with the kind of account support the AdPushup team offered. Not only were proactive communications always in place, but the team also was willing to go the extra mile, to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. AdPushup’s local presence also allowed operational ease, easy accessibility, and better overall working chemistry with the THN team.

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